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Tours for Humanity was founded with a passion for Washington, DC’s history and a relentless dedication to making the world a better place. We’re proud that each of our tour guides truly embodies the overall mission; providing interesting and insightful walking tours of Washington, DC with a strong commitment to bettering our local communities.

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Optimus Guide

Bo Hammond, Optimus Guide

Bo Hammond has been a summer camp counselor, civic educator, and tour guide. He is an expert of American History with a bachelor’s degree from American University located in America’s capital city. His favorite colors are red, white, and blue and he once saved an American Bald Eagle from a fire caused by irresponsible smokers. Interesting facts about Bo include traveling across Europe as the 11th Doctor and dressing up like a pirate to fight cancer. He is a founder of Tours for Humanity and believes that business must be a force for good.

Survivor Guide

Lisa Maurer, Survivor Guide

Lisa Maurer is a founder of Tours for Humanity, a world travel enthusiast and a management consultant. She is an expert in politics and business with a degree in Political Science from James Madison University and a MBA from Trinity College Dublin. Interesting facts about Lisa include beating cancer with the ferocity of a bald eagle, unknowingly sharing a guinness with the Prime Minister of Ireland, shaking hands with the Dalai Llama, living in Ireland and Italy, and traveling to over 15 foreign countries. She believes in the power of stories to inspire and writes a blog about her battle with cancer.    

Diplomat Guide

Shane McCarthy, Scholar Guide

Shane McCarthy has worked as a civic educator, kindergarten teacher, food writer, and pub quiz host. He has a BA in International Relations from American University and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University. Shane had the opportunity to meet the greatest President of the modern era (Martin Sheen) and once, in an unexpected homage to John Quincy Adams, he fell asleep in the U.S. House of Representatives. Although he doesn’t talk about it much, in order to become an Eagle Scout in his youth Shane had to rescue a bald eagle from a renegade band of poachers. In his spare time he enjoys cooking and taking long walks on the beach.