Capitol Hill Tour

Come with us on a tour of America’s temple to democracy and discover for yourself why Lincoln said, “If people see the capitol going on, it is a sign that we intend the union to go on.” As you walk from the Supreme Court to the Capitol Building, our guides will leave you intrigued with stories behind America’s democracy.

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Capitol Building

Capitol Building

Gain an in-depth understanding of the meeting place of the United States legislature. The Capitol Building is also the site of an assassination attempt on President Andrew Jackson. Richard Lawrence attempted to shoot the former President as he left a funeral held on the hill, but his gun misfired. An outraged 67-year-old President Jackson responded by clubbing Lawrence repeatedly with his walking cane.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Come take in the beauty of the largest library in the world that includes the personal library of Thomas Jefferson purchased in 1815 for $23,950. The Library of Congress is not only the largest with over 158 million items, but also the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States founded in 1800. The library acts as the research arm for the U.S. Congress.

Library of Congress

Supreme Court

Visit the court with the power to check the actions of the President, Congress and state governments. Nine justices sit on the Supreme Court and receive approximately 5,000 requests for hearings each year. The Court hears less than 150 cases in any given year.

House of Representatives

House of Representatives

Come visit the U.S. House of Representatives, which is part of the federal government’s legislative branch tasked with passing federal laws. The 435 representatives in the House proportionally reflect the population of the 50 states with each representative serving a two-year term.



Behold the meeting chambers of the U.S. Senate, the smaller body of Congress. There are 100 Senators in the Senate with two Senators representing each state with an equal voice. Senators serve six-year terms with one third of the Senate up for election every two years.

Capitol Dome

After the Tour

Our guides will ensure that you receive a free pass for a tour of the inside of the Capitol building at the end of the Tours for Humanity tour.

The Fine Print

If you need more information about our tours, send us a message or reach out to us at (202) 780-4544.

National Mall Tour Details

  • Where

    Meet us on the corner of 1st and C Street, SE  across the street from the Capitol South Metro Station.

  • Duration

    Our walking tour lasts approximately 2 hours.

  • Price

    $29.50 for Adults

    $10.00 for Children (under 12)

  • Metro Station

    The closest metro station is Capitol South on the Orange/Blue/Silver line. Metro’s Trip Planner website will help you navigate your ride.

  • Reservations

    Reservations are required. Sign up for a tour using our calendar.

“Bo has got to be the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to history. He had great stories for every site and kept it so interesting that even the younger kids never got bored. I would highly recommend Tours for Humanity to anyone.”Anonymous, Trip Advisor