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Can a self-guided audio tour can be as entertaining and informative as hiring a tour guide? No. It’s better! Not only will you learn engaging tales of history, our app enables you to tour the city on your own schedule at a fraction of the cost. Ditch those embarrassing guidebooks and leave the hours of research to us. Trip Advisor ranks Tours for Humanity #1 for tours and activities in Arlington. DC Inno added that on our tours “you’re not receiving the run-of-the-mill textbook guide, you’re receiving a one-of-a-kind experience.”

We Create Experiences

We’ve provided hundreds of in-person walking tours and our app recreates the experience for you to enjoy on your own schedule. See for yourself what Trip Advisor reviewers are calling “wonderfully informative” without the crowds. Local guides handcraft each tour to include sites that complement each other. Did we mention that our guides are former students of history? Our app enables you to carry around pocket-sized history buffs while you explore. No more boring tour guides that drone on without passion. Take our storytellers along as your guide to historical tales.

We Provide Navigation

We don’t expect you to know your way around town. Our mobile travel app is equipped with offline maps and GPS to help you navigate the city. Stop worrying about international roaming charges or using up all your data. Simply follow our offline map from location to location. There’s no rush. Be sure to take in your surroundings, and our guides will provide you with all the historical knowledge you need.

Inspiration at your fingertips

Tours for Humanity is a tour company on a mission to use history to help. At the end of each year, we provide a portion of profits to charities fighting ignorance, poverty, and disease. We believe that an audio tour won’t save the world, but it’s a step in the right direction. Learn more about the charities that we support!


Available Audio Tours for Washington, DC

Arlington Cemetery Tour

Arlington Cemetery

National Mall Tour


Tidal Basin Tour