6 Social Good Companies You Should Buy From

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We all try to do good.  But sometimes, we fall a bit short when it comes to giving our time.  Luckily, there are companies that have made it their mission to not only provide great products and services, but to also use the proceeds from their wares to make the world a better place.  Tours for Humanity is one of such companies, but here are six more that will make you feel good about spending your hard earned dollar.



Photo Courtesy of www.feedprojects.com

As you can probably assume, Feed’s mission is simple: To feed the hungry. Founder Lauren Bush Lauren started Feed in 2007 with the idea that delivering useful products will enlist people to fight hunger in a substantial way. Each of Feed’s products has a number stamped on it to represent the amount of micronutrient packets and meals provided upon purchase.  Some of the products you can shop for are assorted bags, clutches, jewelry, t-shirts, and scarves. Feed is also partnered with Tours For Humanity, and by attending one of our tours, you can help fight hunger.


Love Your Melon:

Photo Courtesy of www.loveyourmelon.com

Founded by two students of The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, Love Your Melon’s mission has been to improve the lives of children battling cancer since 2012 by selling beanies.  For every beanie they sell they donate 50% of the profit to their nonprofit partners such as St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The Make A Wish Foundation, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. In addition to selling beanies they also sell headbands, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, gloves, scarves, necklaces, soda koozies, and other accessories. Looking for new winter swag for this late winter? They’re the perfect place to find winter swag.


Sydney Hale Co.:

Photo Courtesy of www.sydneyhaleco.com

Established in  2010 in Arlington, Virginia working with the motto, “If you are going to do something, make it matter.” Sydney Hale Co. develops high quality elegant and unique products such as candles, spray air fresheners, matchboxes, dog collar charms, custom leashes, dog shampoo, doggie ear wipes, and natural bug spray for pups, here in the United States. Their products are packaged and shipped in sustainable materials to reduce stress on landfills.. SHCO not only offers support to local rescue organizations in the Washington DC metro area, but they also donate to animal rescue entities across the United States. On their website, you can check out photos of dogs they have sponsored through a local DMV rescue organization, The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.


Freeset USA:

Our shirts are made by FreesetUSA!

“Freeset is in the business of Freedom. The mission is simple: to help stop sex trafficking and prostitution in West Bengal, India.” Freeset USA is comprised of two social enterprise nonprofits, Freeset Bags & Apparel (FBA) and Freeset Fabrics. Their sustainable business works by creating and selling t-shirts, bags, scarves, and other accessories in pursuit of a new approach to opposing sex trafficking and prostitution. Located in the areas most affected by prostitution and sex trafficking, Freeset works to provide training and jobs to women who would otherwise be forced or stolen into the sex trade. They provide women with an an education on sewing and screen printing techniques and additionally lend emotional and psychological support. Women involved with Freeset also learn to read, write, manage their finances, and they also receive a pension. Freeset USA is also partnered with Tours For Humanity and by attending one of our tours you can help give these ladies a better, happier life.

Photo Courtesy of www.freesetusa.com


Warby Parker:

Photo Courtesy of www.warbyparker.com

Warby Parker works around the motto “Good eyewear. Good outcome.” This company was created around the fact that eyeglasses are too expensive. Warby Parker’s goal is to provide quality stylish eyewear at an affordable price. They also believe that everyone has the right to see. As a result, WP is partnered with non-profits like VisionSpring to make sure that every pair of glasses sold results in a pair given to someone in need. WP also designs their glasses themselves and create stylish new collections every season including sunglasses. They have an extensive online store where you can pick five pairs of glasses to be sent to you for free home try on as well as brick and mortar stores all over the country including two in DC, one in Georgetown, and one in the Shaw neighborhood.


The Elephant Pants:

An African elephant is killed every 15 minutes. Between 2010 and 2012 over 100,000 elephants were killed for their ivory.” Founded in 2014, The Elephant Pants set out on an expedition to help rescue elephants from poachers, disease, and extinction, and to help provide habitat conservation. Partnered with the Internet Elephant Foundation, The Elephant Pants donates a portion of every sale to help protect elephants and let them thrive. As you can tell by the name of the organization’s name, TEP sells a variety of pants including, stretchy, harem, fleece lined, loungers, yoga, pleated, and hammer. In addition to a plethora of pants, they sell kimonos, yoga tops, beanies, scarves, t-shirts, jewelry bags, backpacks, and clothing for kids.

Photo Courtesy of www.theelephantpants.com

Photo Courtesy of www.theelephantpants.com

Want to do some social good? Join Tours for Humanity on one of our walking tours around D.C., including the National Mall, the Lincoln Assassination, the Tidal Basin, and our three-hour Drinking History tour. We donate a portion of profits to charities fighting ignorance, poverty, and disease. Our walking tours won’t save the world, but they are a step in the right direction.